Hi guys! If you want to see my professional bio, scroll down on this page. If you want to learn a little more about me as a human being, please keep reading.


I am a recovering triathlete and marathon runner, no longer an endurance junkie, I do love to run, swim and do yoga. I started a twice a day meditation practice this year that feels like the best-kept secret and brought so much good into my life.


I have an obsession with white tee shirts (can’t get enough of them) and I don’t like to eat the same food twice in one day, quirky, I know. I am an eternally optimistic introvert who loves to read, travel and be outside.


My idea of a perfect day would be to wake up early, go for a trail run, wander around a Farmers Market, have a picnic, hang out at an old bookstore, have a home-cooked dinner and sit around a fire pit listening to 80s or country music with my family and good friends.


I got married to an incredible man in 2011. After living in Illinois our whole lives, we moved out West to the mountains of Park City, Utah. We have two little boys, Wyatt, 4, and Finn, 2 and because we didn’t want to rob them of growing up around their extended family, we moved back to IL in 2015, Family first.


My all-time favorite race is the Big Sur Marathon, just breathtakingly beautiful. Seriously, if you’re a runner, add it to your bucket list. My favorite vacation spot is a tie between Bali, very spiritual and best yoga on the planet and Provence, the food, the culture, the countryside to die for.


I have a tendency to work too much for being a health coach. Gotta practice what I preach and shut down at a decent hour. Honestly, I love the work that I do so much that a lot of times it doesn’t feel like work at all. When you’re doing what you know you were put on this Earth to do, life is good. I am so thankful that my job is to help people feel better, get healthier and improve the quality of their lives.




Meredith Vieceli is an athlete, coach, foodie, wife and mom to two little boys. She is the creator of the revolutionary 'Strong and Sexy Runner'  'Swim Bike Fuel' and 3HU nutrition/health coaching programs helping women to take back their health and achieve their health and fitness goals.


My passion is helping humans make small, yet powerful changes to get to their happiest and healthiest selves. I’ve worked with thousands of runners and triathletes of all abilities to help them improve their health and reach their full potential through simple, sustainable shifts. I break down the science of nutrition and health into very digestible parts and help them discover and enjoy the art of whole, healthy living. I love to share the latest research as well as practical tips and what I’ve learned through my own experience, to simply help people feel better.


* BA - Speech Communication, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

* Certified Holistic Health Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York

* Certified USAT Triathlon and Running Coach

* Creator and Founder of Bioendurance, Inc. - Endurance and Nutrition Coaching

* Nutrition Expert and Featured Speaker for Fellow Flowers Running Community

* Nutrition Expert for Cal’s Angels Marathon training team

* Former Head of Endurance Coaching and Nutrition at Life Time Fitness

* Former Metabolic Specialist at Life Time Fitness

* Former Nutrition Expert for the Women’s Running Community

* Key- note speaker at Runner’s High ‘N Tri – “The 4th Discipline – Real Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

* Featured Sports Nutritionist at the “Pink Series” races in Park City, UT

* IRONMAN Wisconsin Finisher

* Boston Marathon Qualifier and Finisher

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